Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy

The Management of Seatrade - Agência Marítima Angola, in its commitment whit the quality, environment, safety and health at work, considers as its strategy and objectives the definition of the following Policy:
“Understanding and integrating the needs of our customers providing services that satisfy them and exceed their expectations in a consistent manner, also contributing to environmental protection, health and safety at work in order to allow the company to stand out as a reference entity in the panorama of maritime agency industry in Angola”

Our Policy is based on the following principles:
Understanding customer needs through the establishment of long-term relationships based on mutual trust and constant concern with the quality of the service provided, according the customer's opinion and their level of satisfaction.
Providing maritime agency services based in a high degree of efficiency and quality, through effective and competent planning of operations, supplying accurate information at any stage of the process, taking in consideration the nature, dimension and prevention of potential accidents and environmental impacts that result from the activities executed.
Prevention of the occurrence of occupational injuries, diseases and all forms of pollution, promoting the maintenance of health, safety and well-being of all employees including the surrounding community, through a rigorous and deep analysis of work activities and its risks, informing, training, involving and committing the employees.
Integration of the Management System as part of the organization's internal culture through a management commitment to permanent and updated communication of the principles and procedures of the Management System and constant evaluation of its compliance, also analysing the emergence of possible risks and opportunities.
• Global improvement of the organizational standards of quality through the application of the principles, methods and procedures within the sphere of the Management System, not only in an external logic, but also as a bottom line for a larger satisfaction and well-being in the workplace providing continuous staff training.
• Guarantee the continuity of service, assuming the commitment to comply with all applicable legal requirements and others that the company subscribes, with the purpose of continuously improving the effectiveness of the Management System.

With the adoption of a Management System based on these principles, the Company intends to create a competitive advantage that allows it to stand out clearly from the rest of the market, promoting sustainable growth for the future.

Management Team considers vital the full commitment of the entire staff to the environment and safety in carrying out its activities through the fulfilment of the Management System embodied in the development of work processes based on supporting documentation (Manual, Procedures, Work Instructions, etc.).

All employees in the Management System must assume responsibility for the environment, quality, safety and health in their own workspace.

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